Education is power to humanity with humility.

Our goal is to Empower People by providing them with education to become independent thinkers and financially independent.


Empowering people to achieve their best
Helping the victims of natural disasters like hurricane, floods, and earthquakes
Helping people who are affected by war, persecution and subjugation, and slavery

Basis of KGRF

KGRF is based upon the teachings of Guru Nanak (1469-1539), founder of the Sikh Religion. His teachings included:
All people are created equal and the three fundamental principles:
1. Work hard
2. Share your earnings with others
3. Always Remember God.
Guru Nanak traveled far and wide to spread his message of human equality, living a truthful life, speaking up and speaking out against injustice and repression.
He preached that women are equal to men at the time when women were considered inferior. Women give birth to Kings, and scientists. Man is born from a woman. To a woman he marries and befriends. From a woman is born a woman. Without woman there will be none of us.

Philosophy behind KGRF

Education is the most powerful equalizer
Education is power with humility
Education creates limitless opportunities
Education makes impossible, possible.

Method of Action

Making education accessible and affordable

Providing assistance like tuition, books and uniforms to the needy students.

Providing food supplies to the victims of natural and manmade disasters

Historical background of KGRF

Bakhshish Singh Sandhu MD (he also holds master degree in pharmaceutical sciences), the founder of KGRF, was born in a rural village in Punjab and had to overcome significant obstacles to get educated. After primary school he enrolled in the middle school by himself. He had to face severe economic hardship and borrowed money from friends to complete education. He still emphasizes the Motto written on the entrance wall to his high school, “God helps those who help themselves”.